Dancing Mud Studio News

Lichen Pods, sculpture by Judy Nelson-Moore

New Fume Fired Work

I call it fume firing.  Other clay artists call it saggar firing.  Having used many different “saggars” in the past including hand-made clay saggars, metal cans and brick-built, I am…
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My Rya Rug

Like many artists, I have an interest in several different media.  Since I lived in Germany in the late 1960’s, I have loved the Scandinavian Rya rugs, especially the wonderful…
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Back Seat Driver

This piece is about that disconcerting or disorienting feeling of driving in a car and having the passenger(s) issue conflicting directions.  Imbedded in the sculpture during the making is a…
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Wise Men Sailing ... and the cup ran away with the Spoon -- fired paperclay and mixed media sculpture -- 34" tall

Studio, Meet the World

 When I am in the studio, I think that I am retreating from the world.  One of my recent pieces, however, reminds me that the world comes into the studio…
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Art Statement: My Background

I grew up in Denver, a city girl. I graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Humanities. Over the years, I have studied with many wonderful clay artists,…
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fired paperclay sculpture with blue velvet glaze and white clay tentacles:  biomorphic form

Paperclay Information

Here is a document I use in my paperclay classes and workshops. It contains a summary of some of my paperclay wisdom. Download
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Fume Firing

Here is a document containing a summary of my accumulated knowledge about fume firing.  Saggar firing, tin-foil saggars, pit firing, low-fire salt firing:  these are all terms for fume firing. …
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